CM Elearning is a comprehensive health equity solution that is a catalyst for sustainable organizational change.

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Our Expertise

Healthcare Expertise

Over 65% of our work involves helping some of the nation’s leading health plans, hospitals and clinics to improve cross-cultural patient care and address diversity-related workplace issues. Put our experience to work for your organization.

Clinical Expertise

Our physician experts have developed national and international reputations for clinical expertise in internal, tropical and travel medicine and for their knowledge of infectious and parasitic diseases. Learn from medical experts.

Patient Care/Workforce Diversity Expertise

Our trainers and consultants have extensive experience in cross-cultural communication, patient care, team building, managing across cultures and cross-cultural conflict resolution. Build trust and increase patient adherence.

Legal Expertise

Our legal staff has substantial experience in health law, employment law and civil rights law and has special expertise in the law of language access (Title VI, ADA) in health care. Reduce your legal exposure to unwanted litigation.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Utilize our evidence-based, interdisciplinary approach to achieve dynamic organizational change in your healthcare institution.

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